Services for plant biostimulants

For product development


Project idealization and planning

Evaluation of active components (microbes, plant extracts, hydrolyzed biomasses, etc.)

Laboratory and pilot scale-up: upstream (e.g. fermentation and biocatalysis) and downstream production (e.g. extraction and purification process)

Formulation development

Screening tests (growth chamber, greenhouse and field)

Industrial scale-up (upstream / downstream / formulation)

Services for plant biostimulants

For registration (consultancy services)


Data Gap Analysis and Regulatory Strategy

European registration following the new Regulation (EU) 2019/1009, CE Marking

National applications according to marketing requirements in EU countries

Meetings with Authorities and Contract Institutes

Scientific support and study monitoring

Services for plant biostimulants

For registration (supporting activities)

fermentatore lab2

GEP Efficacy trials (growth chamber, greenhouse under controlled climatic conditions and field)

Determination of chlorophyll content SPAD / NDVI ripening degree, crop quality improvement, roots (rhizosphere), size, protein content, biomass aerial part (weight), yield, foliar analysis content, phyto-toxicity, colorimetry and other specific factors

Microbiological analysis

Heavy metals determination

OMICS studies (transcriptome, proteome and metabolome analysis)

Physical and chemical characterization

Environmental fate studies

Ecotoxicology studies

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