Seed coating


Film Coating and pelleting of seeds

The aim of this formulation is to guarantee the availability of the a.i. at the correct time. Seed treated in this way can be handled in the seeding machine to permit a correct flow rate without affected by build-up of dust and powders.

In the film coating process a polymer solution is sprayed onto the seeds to give a thin shell or coating around each seed.

Chosen of the blend material

Easy gemination
Compatibility with the seeds
Maximize the adhesion

Seed Coating reason

Minimize the drying time of the treated seed
Minimize dust-off
The seeds are more uniform to permit an easier flow through the seed drill.

Services for seed coating

For product development


Selection of the blend material

Seed type selection


Screening tests (growth chamber, greenhouse and field)

Pilot production

Industrial scale-up

Services for seed coating

For registration


Consultancy services

Registration of the new formulation - according to the EU 1107/2009 regulation

GEP Efficacy trials (growth chamber, greenhouse under controlled climatic conditions and field)

Aquatic ecotoxicology studies

Terrestrial ecotoxicology studies

Physical and chemical characterization

Environmental fate Modelling

Toxicology studies

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